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Are Teeth Whitening Treatments Safe?

are teeth whitening treatments safeMore people than ever before are whitening their teeth. There are many different whitening options available both over-the-counter and in our office. However, not all are equally safe and effective. Our cosmetic dentist in Phoenix can help you locate a whitening treatment that meets your needs.

Most OTC teeth whiteners contain abrasives, low levels of peroxide, or a combination of these ingredients to remove superficial stains. When used as directed on appropriate candidates, these treatments are generally recognized as safe. When used improperly, they could lead to excessive enamel wear and tooth and gum sensitivity. Patients with untreated tooth decay, visible restorations, and gum disease should avoid teeth whitening until their conditions have been treated and are under control.

Professional whitening treatments use prescription-strength whitening ingredients, such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Because these treatments are performed by dental professionals, patients who are poor candidates are protected from possible adverse events. If you have dental problems, we may recommend treatment before proceeding with a professional treatment. We protect your gums during whitening treatments and monitor your whitening progress to ensure the most effective results possible while constantly protecting your dental health.

Ultimately, most dental whitening treatments are safe when used appropriately. Call us today to determine your candidacy for OTC or professional whitening or to get your own personalized recommendations.

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