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Dental Fillings

Dental FillingsDental fillings are a type of restoration that can treat teeth with cavities, but they can also be used to protect exposed roots or correct areas of minor damage. A dental filling can usually be completed in a single appointment. Our Phoenix dental fillings expert can help you decide if a filling is right for you.

If you are a candidate for a dental filling, our expert in dental fillings in Phoenix will begin by examining the area. Dental X-rays may need to be taken to determine the extent of the tooth decay. We will then numb the area using a local anesthetic. This helps you feel comfortable throughout the procedure. Additional sedation may be available if you suffer from dental anxiety, have a sensitive gag reflex or have other issues that could interfere with you getting the dental care that you need.

Dental Fillings Phoenix

Our Phoenix dental fillings expert will then remove the decayed tissue from the tooth. Tooth decay occurs when oral bacteria produce acids that erode the enamel. If the decay is not treated, oral bacteria will eventually be able to access the inner chambers of the tooth. These root canals are extremely vulnerable and can become infected. Once an infection develops, only a root canal treatment or dental extraction can eliminate it. Because a cavity can affect the long-term health of your smile if left untreated, we recommend filling it as soon as possible.

Now that the tooth has been cleaned and prepared, our expert in dental fillings in Phoenix will apply a special conditioning liquid that essentially primes the surface of the tooth. The putty-like composite resin will be layered over the tooth while being carefully shaped to match the pits, fissures and other natural surface variations of the affected tooth. Each layer will be cured with a special light, and then the filling will be polished to match the surrounding tissue. This results in a natural-looking filling that is nearly indistinguishable from your own tooth. Good brushing and flossing and routine checkups can keep your filling and your other teeth in good condition. Contact our office today to find out more or to schedule your appointment with our Phoenix dentist.


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