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Dental Implants

Dental ImplantsWhile the primary goal of a dentist is to preserve your own natural teeth whenever possible, some teeth simply cannot or should not be saved. Tooth loss can occur as a result of periodontal disease, tooth decay or dental trauma, and once a tooth is lost, it can leave an unsightly gap. Not only is this gap a cosmetic concern for most people, but it can also increase your risk of certain dental health problems. If you have lost one or several teeth, our Phoenix dental implants expert can help.

Our expert in dental implants in Phoenix will begin with a comprehensive dental evaluation. We will check your teeth, gums and jawbone density to ensure that you are a good candidate for dental implants. For the best results, you should have adequate bone density, good dental health and good overall health. Most people who are healthy enough to undergo a routine dental extraction are also healthy enough to undergo a dental implant procedure.

Dental Implants Phoenix

After your evaluation, our Phoenix dental implants expert will create a treatment plan. The dental implant consists of a titanium post, which takes the place of your natural tooth root, an abutment and a dental crown, which serves as your replacement tooth. If you have several teeth missing, we can use several dental implants to support individual crowns, dental bridges or dentures. Once your implant has been placed, it will be allowed to heal. The final restoration can take place once the jawbone has fused to the implant, a process that can take a few months. Our expert in dental implants in Phoenix will provide you with aftercare instructions to promote healing.

Once your implant procedure is completed, you will have a new tooth that can last a lifetime with proper care. It will feel just like your own tooth thanks to the artificial root, and the porcelain restoration will closely resemble your natural tooth enamel. You can talk, bite, chew and use your new implant just like you do your own teeth. Contact our Phoenix dentist today to learn more or to schedule your consultation.


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