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Foods That Can Stain Your Teeth

foods that can stain your teethHumans have used natural dyes for centuries to stain cloth, decorate their bodies, and enhance their environments. Unfortunately, the same natural dyes that can be used to add beauty may also detract from beauty by seeping into teeth, where they cannot be easily removed. Good dental hygiene habits can reduce the risk of stains, but they cannot eliminate the risk. Our Phoenix cosmetic dentist can help.

Some of the biggest offenders when it comes to stained teeth include soda, wine, energy drinks, coffee, tea, curries, soy sauce, berries, artificial dyes such as those in candies or gums, and tomato sauce. If the food or drink can color or stain cloth, it will usually also be able to stain teeth. Once the stains have penetrated through the enamel, they can be impossible to remove with brushing alone. Regular consumption of hot or acidic foods can aggravate the problem by opening the pores of the enamel and by wearing away the enamel.

If you notice minor stains on your teeth, a professional cleaning may be all you need. The tools we use can polish your teeth, which remove not only plaque but also superficial discolorations. However, deeper or more extensive stains may benefit from a professional teeth whitening treatment. Professional whitening treatments use prescription-strength bleaching agents, which are applied directly to the teeth. As they break down into oxygen, they bleach away the stains even deep inside the dentin. If you have stains or discolorations on your teeth, we can help. Give us a call today to learn more about available teeth whitening treatments or to schedule a consultation with our expert in teeth whitening in Phoenix.

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