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Gummy Smile

gummy smileWhat goes into an attractive smile? Most people would answer, “Bright, healthy-looking teeth,” but your gums also play a role in the way your smile looks. Excess gum tissue can leave your teeth looking small, abnormally short, or oddly shaped, and it can make you feel self-conscious or uncomfortable about your appearance. If you have a gummy smile, our Phoenix gummy smile treatment expert can help.

We begin by determining the underlying cause of your gummy smile. Our expert in treatment for gummy smile in Phoenix will perform an oral evaluation to determine if there are any concerns about abnormal eruption or hyperactive lip muscles that could be contributing to or causing the problem. Most gummy smiles are caused by excessive gum tissue extending over the crown of the tooth.

Gummy Smile Phoenix

If you are a candidate for gummy smile treatment, our Phoenix gummy smile treatment expert may recommend a crown lengthening or gum contouring procedure. During a crown lengthening procedure, the affected tissues are numbed using a local anesthetic. They are then gently separated from the enamel of the crown and contoured to expose more of the natural tooth. We do not expose the roots of the tooth but rather create an attractive, natural-looking gum line that better frames your teeth and is more flattering to your overall appearance.

In most cases, this can be completed in a single dental appointment. It is an outpatient procedure, and most patients heal quickly. You will be able to see the results of your gummy smile treatment immediately. Our expert in treatment for gummy smile in Phoenix will explain proper post-procedure care. Good dental hygiene is essential for healing, but you may need to take extra precautions to avoid irritating the treatment area. Use your medications as prescribed for the best results.

A gummy smile does not have to hold you back. With the right gummy smile treatment, you can have the glowing smile of your dreams. Gummy smile treatments can be used alone or with complementary procedures in a smile makeover. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your appointment with our Phoenix dentist.


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