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Methods for Tooth Whitening

methods for tooth whiteningThe outer layer of your teeth is enamel, which is semi-translucent and made of millions of crystals. Underneath the enamel is a layer of dentin, which can be yellow, brown, gray, or black. When you eat or drink wine, coffee, berries, or similarly deeply colored substances, the stain-causing substances penetrate the enamel and leave discolorations. Over time these stains can build up. The enamel can also wear and allow the natural dentin color to show through. Both can cause teeth to look stained, discolored, and unattractive. Teeth whitening treatments can eliminate these stains and return your teeth to a whiter, brighter color.

Several are available, including:

• OTC teeth whitening
These products can include toothpastes, whitening strips, paint-on products, and gels that are applied using mouth trays. They use either abrasives or low concentrations of peroxide to remove superficial stains and lighten teeth.

• Professional take-home whitening
Professional whitening kits use custom application trays and a prescription-strength bleaching solution that offers gradual but dramatic results.

• Professional in-office whitening
In-office whitening is applied right in our office. We use the most advanced whitening systems and high-intensity lights to speed the results and give you a glowing smile in about an hour.

Once your smile is the color you want, you can keep it looking fresh and new with good dental hygiene habits and a balanced diet. Give us a call today to learn more about teeth whitening or to schedule an appointment with our expert in teeth whitening in Phoenix.

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