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Reasons You Should Brush Your Teeth

Reasons-You-Should-Brush-Your-TeethIf keeping your breath fresh and your smile white is not reason enough for you to brush your teeth, we can provide you with plenty of other reasons to make good dental hygiene an important part of your daily routine.

• Gum disease
Linked to plaque and oral bacteria, gum disease affects about half of all American adults. Brushing your teeth properly and regularly can help keep plaque under control and reduce oral bacteria, which means that your gums will stay healthy.

• Tooth decay
Also caused by oral bacteria, tooth decay is one of the most common chronic conditions in the world, but good dental hygiene can protect your teeth and help them stay strong throughout your life.

• Oral infections
When tooth decay or gum disease go untreated, they can increase your risk for abscesses and other serious infections. These infections can undermine your dental health, cause tooth loss and eventually lead to bone loss.

• General health problems
Did you know that your smile can have a major effect on your body’s health? Gum disease and tooth loss have been linked to heart disease, dementia, osteoporosis, and pregnancy complications.

• Self-confidence
Plaque that is not regularly brushed hardens into tartar, a mineralized substance that can only be removed by a dental professional. It is unsightly, and so are the red, swollen gums associated with gum disease. Brushing can keep your smile both healthy and attractive, which can boost your self-confidence.

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