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Smoking and Its Effects on Root Canal Treatment

smoking and its effects on root canal treatmentIf you are a smoker, our Phoenix dentist may recommend that you consider quitting. Smoking has been associated with a variety of dental health problems, including periodontal disease, dry mouth, and bad breath. The American Dental Association has recently reported that smoking men are twice as likely to need root canals as nonsmokers are.

The report, which was published in the “Journal of Dental Research,” was based on findings from a team at Boston University, which collected and evaluated data from veterans spanning three decades. The male study participants were evaluated regularly for cavities, gum disease, restorations, tartar buildup, and tooth mobility as well as other risk factors, such as bone loss, crowns, and periapical infections. The study determined that male smokers were more likely to need root canal treatments, and the amount of time they smoked also increased the risk. Women were not included in the study, but the researchers believed that the results were likely to be similar for both sexes.

Good dental hygiene is just part of the picture when it comes to good dental health. A healthy, balanced lifestyle is also important. If you need help kicking the habit or would like more information, give us a call to schedule your appointment with our expert in root canal in Phoenix.

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