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What You Should Know about Fluoride

what you should know about fluorideFluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is often added to public water supplies to help combat tooth decay. It works by both hardening the enamel on your teeth and by interfering with the reproductive cycles of harmful oral bacteria. Widespread fluoridation has allowed us to make great strides in keeping smiles healthier, which is why our dentist in Phoenix may recommend fluoride for you or your child if you are at a higher risk of suffering from tooth decay.

As one of the most common treatments in preventative dentistry, fluoride treatments offer many benefits. Here is what you need to know about this important mineral.

1. Fluoridated water has only one documented side effect: fluorosis. Fluorosis is a condition in which babies get too much fluoride while their teeth are developing, and this can lead to unsightly but otherwise harmless discolorations.

2. When used properly, fluoridation of the water supply has no documented health risks. Topical fluoride products should be used with caution since an overdose can result in fluoride toxicity.

3. Fluoride may also strengthen your bones. Several recent studies have found that those who drank fluoridated tap water regularly were less likely to suffer from osteoporosis.

4. Fluoride prevents cavities when ingested and when applied topically. Hundreds of studies over the decades have revealed clear evidence of the link between a 30 percent reduction in dental caries and increased fluoride intake.

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